Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Black Lace Network

I have always adored the style of Audrey Hepburn. I guess she is one of the few I could name as a style icon for me. Not to say that there aren't others, but mostly the others are random people I see at a farmer's market, or people I see or meet online. I'm not one really to idolize movie stars, or music stars. Not my way I guess. People in my life are more what I focus on. I mean why should I care if some big movie star buys a new dress, or gets a new hairstyle. I mean really, does it matter? I do have a few favorite movie stars or music stars, but I could not tell you much, if anything about their lives. In some cases(Like a music group) I don't even know the names of the members. I guess I think it should be more about the work(movies, music, art)than about their personal lives.

I have not studied Audrey Hepburn's life either, but I love her movies, and her style was always divine. Classic, Sophisticated, feminine, enchanting, stunning, beautiful! It wasn't just the clothes that made the style I guess. She had a sweet, unspoiled charm about her. Lots of people when they picture Audrey Hepburn probably think of Breakfast at Tiffany's. I don't really. I think of Love in the Afternoon, Roman Holiday, How to Steal a Million, Sabrina, or the pictures in this post.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Audrey. I think it's because it shows her fun playful side so well.

There was the simple, cute, feminine Audrey, but also the stylish, glamorous, sexy Audrey. Somehow both fit, and were one and the same.

I admire Audrey Hepburn very much. She was, by far, my favorite actress.
Her style was simply timeless...

Get the look...

Inspired by the black lace outfit Audrey wore in How to Steal a Million.


1: white long beaded vintage purse $24.99 from

2: SILVER Gel Eyeliner / Cream EyeShadow $5.95 from

3: Silvery Disco Glitter Earrings $3.75 from

4:Lace mask 490 euros, or about $716 from Dior. I could not find any other mask close to what she wore, but for those of us who aren't made of gold, I'm sure a similar mask would be very easy to make.

5: Kappi Holiday Dress $28.50 from

6: Black Sweet Roses Lace Tights $19.80 from Jonathan Aston

7: Gorgeous White Leather Gloves $9 from

8: BLACK BOW VIXEN gosgrain party pumps $36 from

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