Sunday, January 10, 2010


My house for Christmas.

I know I'm getting these pictures up a bit late, but I'm sure you all know how it is in Dec. Rush, rush, rush. I still haven't taken down my decorations because I feel like I barely had a chance to enjoy them. I'm planning to take most of the decorations down tomorrow though, and it makes me kind of sad. I really enjoy decking my house with Holiday cheer around Christmas, and I wanted to share some of the things I did this year.

I summed up at the end of this post with a few tips and ideas for next Christmas if you enjoyed this post, and want a similar look and feel.

The Living Room:

I hung some baker's twine on the wall behind the tree, and clipped doilies to it with mini clothespins.

The theme around my tree was not planned, but just kind of happened. I'll be home for Christmas (It could also be traveling for Christmas).

I arranged vintage suitcases around the tree, and I placed old postcards on the tree like ornaments.

If you like the idea for the postcards, then check out the ones I have for sale in my shop here

I left one of the suitcases open, and filled it with ornaments, books, postcards, letters, old photos, gifts, and stockings hanging from the latch.

The Hall:

I hung ornaments, doilies, and vintage chandelier crystals from the hall ceiling. It looks magical in person! The pictures don't do it justice.

I made lovely garlands from vintage book pages, and maps. I hung this one around the door to the living room.

I filled the basket on the hall table with clear glass ball ornaments, and placed this cute little white deer (found at a thrift store for $1) next to it.

The Kitchen:

I kind of went crazy with stuff in here, but i love it!

I made a little tree with a branch. I filled a jar with rocks to hold the branch up, and decorated it with glass ornaments, and more handmade garland.

My table arrangement of curiosities.

I decorated my table with real greenery, some cute mini jello molds for tealight candle holders, shells collected on Sanibel Island FL., some stones, a doily bowl that I made with some nuts in it, a vintage glass jar filled with nuts, a large glass dome, and a small glass dome. I arranged a twig with a peacock ornament clipped to it inside the large dome. Inside the small glass dome I made a kind of ribbon nest inside a mini jello mold, and perched it on a twig with nuts in the nest as eggs.

I placed greenery, ornaments, and garlands here and there and everywhere for a festive look.

The dutch door to the kitchen with my vintage towels hanging on it.

The details...

I made a lovely garland/banner with vintage playing cards, and some baker's twine. I will have a similar one in my shop soon.

I made these lovely 3-d snowflakes last year from vintage book pages. If you want instructions, then just ask. I would be happy to share. I also have ones on my tree made from plain white printer paper.

I made this lovely little doily bowl from a white doily, and some fabric stiffener. I used a glass bowl as a mold to shape it.

Laundry Room:

The Spare Bedroom:

The Dressing Room:

More garlands made from decorative papers, and sewn together.


Outside in the day:

I made all the garlands, and wreaths by hand from real greenery(see the bottom of this post for where to get greenery for free)

I wrapped some pretty blue ribbon around the wreath, and clipped a peacock ornament to the greenery. I also stuck mini pinecones from the tree in front of our house in the greenery.

Outside at night:

The lights I put up on our house.

Ornaments, wrapping, gifts:

I made almost all the gifts by hand this year. I was so proud of myself, and happy with what I made for everyone.

I used baker's twine to tie up the little bags I made. If you like this look and idea, then check out the baker's twine in my shop here

I sewed little bags from vintage pillow cases found at thrift stores, and wrapped the gifts for the women in them.

I wrapped all the gifts for the men in discarded architect drawings from my husband's job.

My dad made this lovely wooden ornament. He could have totally sold them on Etsy! I could not get a good picture of it. It is much more beautiful in person.

The ornaments on my tree are mostly from Wal-Mart, Target, thrift store finds, vintage, or handmade.

I hope you enjoyed the the tour of my Holiday home! I know it was a bit long, but I hope you liked it, and got some good ideas for next year.

For a similar look try these ideas...

1: using vintage postcards as ornaments on your tree is a great way to add interest.

2: Thrift stores are a wonderful place to find vintage or brand new ornaments for not alot of money.

3: Always buy your ornaments on sale after Christmas unless the ornament is special, and you think it might be gone before the sales.

4: Filling jars with a dead branch from your yard, and some small gravel or stones, and then decorating the branch is a very simple, lovely, and inexpensive display.

5: Hang any extra ornaments from the ceiling for a wonderland feel.

6: Use mini vintage jello molds or teacups for cute candle holders.

7: Garlands made from different things add cheer to any room, and are simple to make, and hang.

8: Use small bud vases in a cluster with little winter greenery or flowers in a tiny nook, or in a window sill.

9: Assorted nuts make good snacks over the holidays, and also look great displayed in jars, bowls, or jello molds.

10: Instead of normal gift wrap, consider cute fabric bags sewn from vintage pillow cases. For a guy gift, architect drawings or floor plans work great! You could also try regular ruled notebook paper, or graph paper.

11: If you have the time, Making your own wreaths and garlands is a great way to save money. Buy straw or metal wreath forms and you can use them year after year.

12: If you have no greenery to use on your own land, then get it for free from Lowes. They always have bins next to the tree cutting area for the branches they cut off the buttom. I get trash bags full of greenery at lowes for free.

13: no time to make garlands and wreaths? A simple way to add a touch of festive cheer is to stick greenery on top of kitchen cabinets, or shelves, or make a table center piece.
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