Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yesterday was one of the sadest days I have ever gone through. Our little Lady Bug is no longer here with us. The house feels so empty and lonely without her. Thursday we had such a lovely evening. Lady bug curled up next to us on the blanket by the fountain so happy to be with us, and nothing seemed wrong. Later that night she got sick, and was even worse in the morning and could not even move from her bed. It was all so sudden really, and I was very worried. I called Brian, and then called the vet. Brian came home to get us, and we went to the vet and got there at about 11.00.
In the end we had to have her put down. I am glad she will not be in any pain anymore, but I cried almost all day yesterday off and on. I kept on thinking of all the places she would have been, between us in the middle of the couch, in the window watching me as I sat on the porch steps, Bringing her bone out to brian when he comes home from work, how happy she always was to go on a walk. She was such a sweet loving dog, still like a puppy in many ways. We love her so dearly and we will miss her very much. We only had her here with us for less than a year. She was my mother-in-law, and my sisters-in-laws dog, and they could no longer care for her last year, so we took her in. I have known Lady since she was a puppy really, but I had grown so attached to her over this past year. My heart feels so broken right now. I have been crying the whole time I have been writing this, and I'm sure I will be sad, and crying over my little Lady for a long time. I'm just a very emotional person.

Our little Lady was about 13 years old.

I will never see her big brown eyes looking up at me again. I will miss her so very much.

Rest in peace my little Lady.

I will still check my Etsy every day, but for understandable reasons, I don't think I will be in Etsy chat very often for awhile, and I will probably not be posting on here often either.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss! I know how hard it is to have to say goodbye to a beloved pet. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  2. oh my goodness. your poor puppy girl. i'm so sorry. i understand how big this is...i have always found animal deaths worse than human deaths. hugs and comfort. take it easy for a while. mourn the death of such a wonderful friend and pet. you need it.

    i'll be here if you wanna chat.


  3. Sometimes words seem so full of hope and promise, and at other times, words can be so empty. Love does not erase the hurt, but Love can cradle us with strong, safe hands. I know that you are in good hands with all the love around you. -mom

  4. i'm so sorry :(
    i know how hard this is...
    (btw... you are fabulous)

  5. That's so sad! I miss my dog Abby very much. She was 13 or 14 when we had to put her down (not sure how old she was as we got her when she was a young adult dog). We have a new dog now but he doesn't compare to Abby in so many ways. I hope you get back to feeling like yourself soon.

  6. aw. I'm so sorry.

    She was gorgeous!

    Let me know if I can help with anything. I know you'll need time to heal on your own. Just remember all the beautiful memories you had together and that she had a great life.


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