Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nice Day, and a Lovely Evening

I feel like I got alot done today. Did regular chores around the house this morning, and then sat down and finished watching the season of I Love Lucy we had from netflix. While I watched that I finished up some magnets I was working on for my sister. Mowed the lawn, so now it is all nice and lovely, then I took a shower. After a short rest I walked down to Kroger (not a very easy walk back because it is uphill almost all the way), and bought some things for a lovely dinner on the deck later. I planned all this out as a surprise few hours of vacation for Brian. The lawn was mowed, the table on the deck set and a vase of fresh flowers on it, a dinner of pasta salad, potato wedges, and steak planned, a sweet card I bought ready, a dessert of vanilla ice cream with shell topping all ready in the freezer, and a tray of strawberries, raspberries, honey roasted pecans, and some radishes waiting on a blanket spread in the grass by our little pool and fountain in the back yard. I had some pillows out on the blanket too, and was reading a book there, waiting for Brian to get home. Oh, it was a simply lovely evening, very relaxing, and enjoyable. I would have taken a few pictures before Brian got home, but I forgot, so this post will be strangely devoid of any pictures.

Anyway, it's time for bed. I'm exhausted, but I think my head is finally feeling better. I have been having pain in my head that comes and goes for the past 2 days, and it did not seem like a regular headache at all. Hopefully it is gone.

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