Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My First Contest

I still have not heard back from the lady about the name I wanted for my new vintage store. I am really wanting to get this store off the ground, so I have decided to have a contest. Here's how it will work, please leave a comment with your suggestion for a name for my store. You can leave as many comments as you like. If I decide to use a name that you have suggested, and it is not already taken on Etsy, then you will recieve a code from me to get $10 off any purchase from either my current store OldFashionedButGood or my new vintage store. I am very picky about just the right name for this store, and there might not be any winner at all. All the names I have wanted for this store were already taken, and I'm running out of ideas, so I need some help.


  1. ohh this is a fun challenge. I shall do some thinking :)

  2. Can you tell us more about what your new store will be like?

  3. Now, what will be in this new store so I can pic a name? Wood? Tin? Porcelain? I want a feel so I can think of a good name ;)

  4. Hi,
    My suggestion is The Mellow Moon Vintage Shop.

    Thank You,

  5. love the pics of what you've found so far...lookin good!


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