Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vintage Shop Contest Update

Well, since someone has asked me to give a little more info about what I want my new vintage store to be like, then here it is.

I will pretty much have everything in my store from vintage clothes, jewelry, shoes, and housewares. Really just anything vintage that I like.

Here are a few vintage stores that inspire me:

You can also look at my favorites in my etsy store for a good sampling of my taste, and also previous posts in this blog. I have been postiong pics of some items I will be putting in my new shop.

Here are a few pictures of vintage items that have been inspiring me recently.

And just a few items that are not exactly vintage, but inspire me.

And here are some pictures of some of my recent thrift store finds. Not all will find their way into my shop though.

I have thought of two possible names that I might want to use, but the contest is still going, and I'm open to any other ideas.

The names that I think I might use are:



Here are the rules of the contest again. The contest will exspire in 10 days, so get those comments in.

Here's how it will work, please leave a comment with your suggestion for a name for my store. You can leave as many comments as you like. If I decide to use a name that you have suggested, and it is not already taken on Etsy, then you will recieve a code from me to get $10 off any purchase from either my current store OldFashionedButGood or my new vintage store. I am very picky about just the right name for this store, and there might not be any winner at all. All the names I have wanted for this store were already taken, and I'm running out of ideas, so I need some help.


  1. great pictures. i really like "the old downtown"

  2. "Vintage Valley"
    Give me time and I might get more ideas.


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