Friday, November 6, 2009

A Handmade, Vintage Christmas: My Wishlist

My husband, Brian, asked me to post my wishlist of what I want for Christmas here on my blog. All of the stuff In this post will be from Etsy although some of it might be found elsewhere. I have tons of pages of favorites on Etsy, and I really need to work on cleaning the lists out and updating them. Some are repeats, and some might be out of date, as styles and tastes, change over time. I have 93 pages of favorites in my new shop, and 151 pages in my old shop, but I have tried to narrow my wishlist down.

I will probably do another post soon with books on my wishlist and a few more Etsy items.



1: Ticket to ride - 8x8 fine art print

2: The Pensive Wallpaper Print

3: Twinkle - 8x10 Fine Art Print

4: Tilly's Journey

5: Book Mobile-Stuart Little

6: Lucy on a Windy Day Print

7: Flowerbox - 8x8 Print on Metallic Paper

8:Squirrel on a String Print

9: The Swing Set - 8x8 Fine Art Print

10: Spun Candy - 8x10 Fine Art Print

Stationary, and soap...


1: Bunny Enclosure Cards

2: The Book Fairy Bookplates

3: Fashion Plate Gee Thanks Cards

4: Feelgood Cards

5: four screen-printed Flat Notes

6: Green Peacock Enclosure Cards

7:Any one of these soaps would be nice, or all three Bourbon and Tahitian Vanilla Shea Butter Soap White Gardenia Shea Butter Soap Day Dream Shea Butter Soap

8: grapefruit gourmet goats milk soap

9: raspberry creme luscious gourmet soap

10: Vintage Masking Tape 3 set - 20mm Vintage Masking Tape 3 set - 15mm



1:Ocean Bangles (Sold) Could probably find something similar though

2: vintage craft letters

3: Light Up Globe

4: Vintage Ball Jelly Glass Jars (Sold) Could probably find something similar though

5: Vintage Plaid Umbrella


7: rustic soap tin

8: Vintage Jelly Jars

9: Crochet Lace (not vintage, but oh well)

10: vintage Ball jelly jars

11: 1940's Damask Print Umbrella

12: jumbo ephemera packs

13: vintage secret stash compact



1: Falling Drops Earrings

2: i love you necklace

3: Bella's Peacock Leaves

4:lucille drops in dictionary text

5: Delicate Crochet and Bronze Chain Necklace

6: Moment in November Dress

7: Yellow and Grey Tote

8: I want this styleEco Toes in Ticking Stripe, but in this fabric Eco Toes in Herringbone Wool

9: Storyville Shrug

10: lucille drops in vintage map

11: elsie necklace in vintage map

12: Wavelength - Hand knit wool lace beret in Stone Grey

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