Sunday, November 8, 2009

Forget Bath & Body Works This Holiday Season!

I had been a fan of Bath & Body Works for many years. I loved their black raspberry vanilla scent, and I would buy it in the body spray, and shower gel. This past summer they changed the formula of their products. Not only has it changed the scent(It is not as strong or as nice), but they also added an acne medicine to the sprays. I bought 2 of the sprays not knowing this. In the past I have discovered that this medicine irritates my skin, and causes me to break out even more. I had to give the two sprays to my mom. I stocked up on the shower gel also thinking it was the same as in years past, but like I said, the scent is not as strong or as nice as it used to be. The shower gel does not contain the ingredient that irritates my skin, so I will finish using those, but after that I will not be getting more.

So forget Bath&Body Works this holiday season!

Southern Alchemy - Makers of fine candles & soaps.

At the craft show yesterday at West Town Mall I discovered a very wonderful shop for soap, candles, and perfume! Not only are the scents to die for, but I will be supporting a local handmade seller! She makes tons of different scents!Check out the full list Here. The Sugared Grapefruit, and the Blackberry Pomegranate soaps smell Divine! My husband even found a scent he thought he might like for himself, Acorn Black Oak! I don't normally use bars of soap in the shower(normally use shower gel), but this shop has converted me I think. As for her candles, there were so many wonderful scents I could not decide which one I liked best. Almost every one of the candles I smelled I liked. If you are here in Knoxville, she sells her items up at the Market Square Farmer's Market. I might be heading up there soon to get some candles, and some more soap, maybe some perfume as well.

Check out her website here!

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