Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday

Ok, so today is my first Whimsical Wednesday post!

Whimsical is one of my favorite words! Strange how it conjures up such images. I'm sure the word whimsical conjures up different images for different people. but here's what I see...

Moss, mushrooms, forests, fairy tales, nests, birds, bows, flowers, tiny things, feathers, deer, ruffles, bunnies, long dresses, red hair, doilies, tea cups, baker's twine, sweets, sugar and spice, twinkling lights, rain, babbling brooks, cottages, butterflies, owls, brooches, old buildings, candlelight, fall breezes, wood smoke, lace, pearls, books, plaid, suitcases, capelets, coffee, raspberries, clocks, umbrellas, aprons, world globes, vintage, stars, letters, candy shops. And the list could go on and on for miles probably.

There are so many great whimsical finds on etsy, but I'll try to narrow it down to 10 for each post.


1: The Toadstool's Secret - Live Moss Garden $35 from

2: Mechanical Animals-animal paper dolls $18 from

3: Assorted Feather Headband with pearl button $49 from (I must say, that dress is amazing too)

4: White petticoat with off-white ruffles $49 from

5: Light Up Globe $125 from

6: Autumn leaf headband $18 from

7: STONE WHEELIES..11 center-drilled beachstones $10 from

8: Autumn Plaid Capelet $100 from

9: Inspiration hoop - wool tartan $35 from

10: Grey Alice in Wonder Band $26 from

Thanks for joining me for Whimsical Wednesday! Come back next week to see more whimsical etsy finds!

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  1. I love the way you have all your favorites cut and pasted together...nice ensemble!I'm thrilled to be part of it!!Thanks for including my sweet stone wheelies!


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