Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thrift Finds

Today Brian had to work, and we only have one car, so I walked down to the habitat thrift store. Today they are having a %25-%50 off sale on everything. You roll dice when you check out to see how much of a discount you get. I wasn't able to get everything I wanted at the thrift store today even with a %40 discount on my stuff. Most of the thrift stores in knoxville have antique store prices on vintage stuff, so you really have to pick, and choose, and hunt, and you might get lucky. It really all depends on who marked the price on the item if you will get a good deal or not. I didn't spend all the money I had though. I just can't bring myself to pay the money they ask for some stuff. The goodwill has the best prices most of the time, so I like going there. There are several thirft stores within a mile of our house, so if I really need my thrift store fix, then I can walk. The good thing about walking is that I can't buy anything too big because I know I will have to carry it home. I did buy a chair once, and had to carry it home. My arms were really tired after that I can tell you. Anyway, on to some pictures of the goodies I found today.

A set of gray napkins, some blue ball mason jars, 2 small plates, a small milkglass dish, two beautiful glasses, a metal picnic basket, 2 ties, and a fashion magazine.

A milkglass vase

A banner

a vintage 1913 book

I will be listing some of these in my etsy store soon. If you are interested in any of these items, then just contact me.

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