Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Fun Project

Brian and I went to K-Mart the other day, and found some things for our vacation to Florida that we will be taking in mid June. One of the things I got was some new sunglasses. I didn't have a pair to my name, and I'm sure I'll be needing them. Well, I was thinking "I'll need a case for these". I thought I had a case somewhere, but I couldn't find it. The next day I saw a sunglasses case in someones etsy shop, and I thought "Hey! I can make a case". And that's just what I did. The nice thing about making something instead of buying, is that you get to make it exactly how you want. The case I saw in the etsy shop was plain, and nothing like the one I made, but it did give me the idea in the first place. Here's how it turned out.

The case is made from a piece of gray linen fabric, some soft cream lace-like ribbon trim, vintage buttons from my collection, a fabric covered button that I embroidered with a J in light green and made into a brooch, some metal snaps, and some green fabric as the liner. I made the case a little to big, so I made a roll up kind of pouch out of some white fabric for the glasses to go in. I am really happy with the outcome! It is just what I wanted!


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