Monday, May 11, 2009

Disappointments, And Inspirations

The past few days I have had inspiration mixed with a few disappointments.

Turns out I will not be getting a doily stamp from the lady I did the trade with. She says that it is too detailed, and she doesn't think she can replicate it for me. I had my heart set on that stamp. It is simply lovely! Oh well.

I also discovered that the name I wanted for my vintage shop is in use as a username, but not as a shop on etsy. I have come up with a few other possible names. Now I just need to make up my mind. By the way, my contest has ended, and I only had one suggestion for a store name. The suggestion came from my mom, but was not really what I was looking for, so there was no winner.

I guess if that's all the disappointments I have at the moment, then I'm doing good. The inspiration has far outweighed the disappointments so far. I just feel so motivated, creative, and inspired again. It makes me happy!

I have big changes in the works for my etsy store! I also have tons of new ideas for products, and I can't wait to try them. Today I had my first sale in awhile, and that made me happy. I sold this Sweetheart Bracelet.

Inspiration is sweet...

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