Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well I got a treasury this morning! And here it is. I just think it's such a fun treasury. I really enjoyed making it.


It has been a really great day in featured seller chat on etsy. I kept track of sales, and at the end of each round I changed the title. in about 23 rounds there were 37 sales! It was awesome! There were only about 2 or 3 no sale rounds, and that's rare in featured seller. Lots of people were saying it was April fools, but trust me, it wasn't. I don't lie because 1: I think people should be truthful, and 2: I'm a rotten liar. Anyway lost track of sales after the 23rd round, but I think the sales dropped off. A couple of people changed the title on me (which made me mad) because I guess they thought it was April fools. Oh well, I know the people who got the sales know it wasn't April fools. I got 2 myself while I was featured seller, and I got 2 more sales later on.

I bought a cute little brooch pin in fs today. The lady who makes the pins is going to make mine with a green underline instead of the pink.

Today I received a box in the mail. Was so excited! I got my little vintage yarn holder, and vintage milk glass buttons. They are so cute! Now I just need to learn how to knit lol. The yarn holder was so cute, I couldn't resist it. Besides I guess we can use it as a holder for our garden twine this summer if I don't learn to knit anytime soon.

Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday! I have a big box in my closet from my mom that is just begging to be opened, but can't till tomorrow, and when Brian got home today I caught him hiding something in the cabinets above the washer and dryer. I also have things I have ordered on etsy that I already know about. The etsy purchases were not really for my birthday though.

These two necklaces are things I keep drooling over in featured seller chat.

It was really funny, because the girl I bought the brooch from, bought this sea foam necklace right out from under me is featured seller chat today. I really did want it, and it was a great price as well. I'm going to see if I can make either of these for myself because I love them so much.

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