Monday, March 30, 2009

Lazy Day

I have not really gotten much accomplished today. I watched NCIS on Netflix, and chatted on etsy, watched a movie, and chatted on etsy, watched a movie, and organized my craft stuff(should have done that yesterday), chatted on etsy again, and then I mowed the front yard. The back yard needs mowed now, but Brian got home. I am thawing some meat for stroganoff for our dinner. After dinner, Brian has to go back to work, and I'll mow the backyard. It will be very interesting mowing the backyard now that I have a ton of stuff to avoid(see previous garden posts). After that a shower will be in order, and then some crafting, and more chatting on etsy. Oh I also made a treasury in poster sketch that I simply love. The treasury is called Sexy Librarians, and was inspired by a piece of work that a friend of mine on etsy did. This is the piece.

Nerd Lemonade $15 by Hollie from blueberryshoes

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