Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday: Childs Play

My husband and I do not have any children, but I sometimes dream about the things I would have for my child, and how I would decorate the room if we ever do decide to have children. We have a very small bedroom which adjoins another small room that I have made into "The Dressing Room" because it is the only room with closets(very small closets at that). I think it would also make a lovely nursery if we ever had a child. A whimsical wonderland is my vision of a delightful child's bedroom, or nursery. Full of all the things that develop a healthy imagination, and curiosity! A child's wide eyed wonder of the world around is truly delightful. If only we could all have the same innocence, wonder, curiosity, and delight in the things around us.

My Etsy picks...
There are a few more than normal because I found so much stuff I liked.


1: Jump the Coin Quilt $145 from

2: Child's Circus Play Tent $195 from

3: Cloud Mobile $40 from

4: Squirrel on a String Print $18 from

5: A Little Storybook Village $54 from

6: Maddy the Elephant $9 from

7: Mint real drops mobile... $30 from

8: vintage flash cards $2.25 from

9: Hooray Banner $35 from

10: Plaid Pillowcase Dress $12 from


1: Natural Blocks $37 from

2: Light Up Globe $125 from

3: Holiday set - Peasant blouse and circle skirt $84 from

4: Fiona the Fawn $14 from

5: Mechanical Animals-animal paper dolls $18 from

6: Blue Bird on my Shoulder Light Shade $138 from


  1. wow- great finds! thanks for including my quilt! :)

  2. very cute! i too am always drawn to kid's items. and at the moment i don't even have any friends or family with babies/young kids haha. totally deprived. thanks for thinking of my items! :)

  3. Hey! Thanks for posting my play tent--I appreciate the shout out. And I concur...great pics.

  4. this was a great idea! i love all of your picks. good thing i have a whole nursery to decorate still, this will inspire me.

  5. Such lovely, sweet choices... I love you thought of Etsy sellers and handmade for your dream nursery :)

  6. I'm glad you all liked it! Marina I love Etsy! Where else could I find such whimsical and unique items! A whole world has been opened up to me by being a part of the Etsy community, a world I did not even relized existed before!


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