Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday: An Autumn Walk in the Woods

Why don't you join me on this whimsical wednesday for a walk in the woods! This past weekend my parents came to visit, and on Sunday we went for a drive in the smokies, and a short hike. The hike in the woods is my inspiration for this post. There was a lovely creek, ferns, moss, mushrooms, fall colors, a blue blue sky, a waterfall, majestic trees, crisp cool air, and a hint of wood smoke coming from the near by campground. The hike was 2 miles to the waterfall, and 2 miles back, but I must say it wasn't really about the destination for me(although I do love waterfalls), it was more about the walk itself, and the company. The name of the waterfall was Mouse Creek Falls. Isn't that just so cute?! My mom and I took tons of pictures! We're what you might call shutterbugs. So let's start off on our drive, and hike in the smokies. Joining us will be my dad, my mom, my husband, and a few random people along the way. Would you have liked to join us? Leave me a comment, and let me know!

Photos taken by: Sharon Brewer, and Jessica Woodroof.

~A few pictures from the drive there~

A cute little barber shop in a small town on the way.

Me, all bundled up because we had the top on the convertable down. They said I looked like a cute old lady, but I prefer to say I looked like a movie star...

~The Hike. A few of the sights along the way.~

Me on the trail.

Did I mention there were cute trees with holes to pose in? I didn't? Well there were! My mom reminds me of Alice from Alice in Wonderland in this picture! So cute!

My husband, Brian, on the trail.

Some cute, tiny plants along the way.

A bright leaf on some moss.

A random cute couple sharing a small snack along the way.

A swimming hole along the way. Just look at those lovely deep blues, and greens. This would have been very tempting on a hot summer day.

Me and Brian walking on the trail.

Mouse Creek Falls.

Some bark on a tree.

My dad, making funny faces behind Brian.

me, hiding behind a tree.


Shutterbug crossing

Moss growing on a fence.



A horse who stopped for a snack, and was trying to catch up with the other horses. It was so funny!

Flowers, and me and Brian in the background.

A sweet little fern.

A bridge with fallen leaves.

I could keep posting pictures, but I think this post is already getting too long.

Now for my Etsy Whimsical Wednesday picks Inspired by an Autumn walk through the woods.

1: La Carmaux Dress $820 from

2: moss terrarium No. 174 $48 from

3: woodgrain brooch $10 from

4: Lil Squirrel Desk Buddies $18 from

5: Alice On A Mushroom Illustration $20 from

6: Little Goth Riding Hood Cape $75 from

7: Foldformed Leaves Lariat $140 from

8: DRIFTWOOD sterling wood grain ring $90 from

9: Enchanted Bird nest hair clip with fairy charm $22 from

10: Embroidered woodgrain clock $35 from

Thanks for joining me for another Whimsical Wednesday, and my walk through the woods! Come back next week to see more Whimsy!


  1. A lovely post and beautiful photos!
    Thanks for including me in your whimsical wednesday:)

  2. Yes, it was lovely. I tasted the sweet smell of the outdoors and found that it is worth tasting again. The post is wonderful. Thanks.

  3. ohhh i LOVE this post. that trail is to die for. a lil' jealous over here! also thank you soooo much for posting up alice!!!! hugs

  4. truly a whimsical walk. honored to be included among such delightful items.

  5. Wow, so pretty. I miss hiking in NH. I too love the tiny mosses & plants on the forest floor.
    thank you for including my ring!

  6. Not enough trees here in NYC. That's for sure.
    Thank you for showing me a world beyond buildings.
    AND thanks for including my little squirrels :)


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