Friday, October 30, 2009

I Just Don't

Most of you who read my blog probably don't know that I do not celebrate halloween. It's not exactly against my religion or anything. I just don't agree with it, and I never have liked it, so I don't celebrate it. It's as simple as that. Tomorrow night the porch light will be off, and my husband and I will be hiding out in our bedroom in the back of the house with the laptop for him, and some crafts for me. I know, I know, I sound like Scrooge. Well bahh humbug! I don't judge those who do celebrate halloween. I just don't like it myself, I do really love the Autumn season though, so I thought I would post a few simple ideas for fall arrangements.

I found the leaves, and a few weeds(as most people might call them) on my walk around my neighborhood. So you see, simple, and easy! A few vases from thrift shops and yard sales, some lace, and you have simple, beautiful, and inexpensive fall arrangements!

A few of my etsy picks for a similar look.


1: vintage blue canning jar $5.50 from

2: vintage milkglass vase $10 from

3: Vintage whimsical miniature perfume bottles $14 from

4: Large Footed Napco Milk Glass Vase $15 from

5: Antique Glass Bottle $9.99 from


7: Glass Science Decanters $24 from


1: 2 Yards Of Cotton Crochet Lace - Lucky Clover, White $2.50

2: Spool of Vintage White Scalloped Flat Lace $15 from

3: Trio of Vintage Lace in Barberry Red, Spring Green and Cream $3 from

4: White Lace - 6 1/2 Yards $6 from

5: Cotton Linen Blended Crochet Lace - White and Yellow $3.50 from



  1. Thank you so much for including my milk glass in with all of the other beautiful pieces!

  2. I absolutely ADORE this post! I am a bit of a glass bottle collector- I love little vintage salt shakers and milk glass. And the lace! This post was like heaven to me. I've found some favorites!!


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