Monday, June 1, 2009

Lovely Things

Last Tuesday I went shopping at some craft stores, and some thrift stores. Here are a few of the things I found.

A beautiful costume jewelry brooch.

A cute miniature glass, and a little vintage mirror.

A charming little tin that originally came with mints inside. I think it was from American Eagle, or someplace like that. I already have a similar tin with a little boy and girl on it. My sister bought the tin with the mints, and when she didn't want the tin anymore, then she gave it to me.

A Real Simple magazine, and the wooden piano bench I mentioned in my last post.

Some fabric, and a doily from Joanne's.

And last, but certainly not least, a beachy, flowy lace skirt. The skirt came with a lace jacket, but the jacket looks awful with the skirt. I had to buy both though because they keep the sets together. I will probably just cut the jacket up for lace. The skirt was the best find of the day. I love that it's so soft, and feminine. The lace is not stiff or scratchy at all, and it's so comfy, and looks lovely on me. It's just such a charming, flowy, beachy, vintage looking skirt. It will be just perfect for our coming vacation.

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