Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thrifting on a Tuesday, and Lots of Other Lovely Things

I walked to a thrift store today that is just a few blocks away from my house. I am looking for things to fill my vintage shop with, and also things for myself of course. I found a ton of things, but did not have enough money on me at the time, so I'm going back tomorrow. I will be getting a dress, plate and bowl, sugar tin, metal tray, a kind of jacket blouse, and maybe some shoes. I did get a few of the things today though.

I also got some great deals on some things at another thrift store a week or two ago.

I am so excited about my new vintage shop! The name i came up with for it was already taken, but not really in use, so I wrote to the person at their new shop and asked them about it. Hopefully I will get an answer soon.

I also finished some jewelry for myself. Or at least I thought I finished one of the necklaces until I came up with an idea for it. Here is my finished feather necklace.

And my "thought I was finished with it" necklace.

Then I had a lovely idea. Why not stitch some of this cream lacey trim on it? What do you think? Should I? Please leave a comment with your vote :)

For both of the necklaces I used some chain that I salvaged from some cheap necklaces that I never wear anymore, and would have sold in my yard sale anyway. Was so happy I did not have to buy any chain to do these. I am so happy with the results, and I'm very please with my new necklaces!

I got one of my orders from etsy awhile back, and finally took a picture of it. I am loving this cute little hello brooch from ThePinkNeedle's shop on etsy. It's so cute, and simply adorable, and very well made. I am very inspired by the stuff in her shop.

hello HELLO pin $8.00 from thepinkneedle.etsy.com


Also did a trade with my friend hollie from blueberryshoes. She has an awesome, and unique shop. I finally took pictures of the cards I got from her, and here they are. Two of them are original hand drawn cards, and the other is a printed card. I simply love them. They are awesome. Thanks for the trade!

You can find similar items in her shop blueberryshoes.etsy.com


I am hoping to get some new items in my own shop soon. Here is a sneak peek at something I'm working on.

I have to get a custom order done this week. I had an order for two custom embroidered notepads. Happy about that!

I think that's about everything for now, other then one last thing. The last treasury I did. It was awhile back, but still wanted to post it here. It's my Travel In Style 3 treasury.



  1. lOVE the beaded necklace with lacey trim. definately leave it. also thank you so much for posting pic of my cards, and a link to my shop! you're the best!

  2. oh you are absolutely too nice :D

    as i was scrolling through this post i was thinking of all types of things to tell you about how lovely this post was. but then i was so surprised to see my hello pin that i forgot all of my lovely comments.


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