Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I have been kind of spring cleaning for the past few weeks. I started with the back deck first. I did not get pictures of it before, but believe me, it was a total mess. Here are the after pictures.

My mom had this metal couch that needed welded in a few places, and she was not using it, so she had it fixed for me, and gave it to me. I plan to paint it white, and make some cushions and pillows for it.

It will go on the deck where the long table against the wall is now. I awhile back I fell in love with these pillows on etsy.

They just look so comfy and beautiful. I plan to make some similar ones from some old sweaters I found at thrift stores.

I cleaned the house last week, and have been sorting through everything in order to declutter a bit. I have lots of stuff to sell in my yard sale when we have it. Can't wait to get it all out of the house finally, and maybe make a little money in the process.

I haven't been on etsy very much recently because I think I just need a break really. My sales have been kind of slow lately. I'm rethinking my entire store and the look of it. I have found out the things I really want to do and love doing I think, and the style I like. I have been sorting all my craft stuff, so look for destashes in my shop soon. My button destashes have been selling very well. I have sold all 6 that I had listed. 4 of them to 1 person. I know supply shops on etsy do well, but I can't really see liking running that kind of shop. I do like doing the button destashes and scrap packs though. I guess it's because I have room to be artistic and creative with those, and they are fun to do. I had a request for a custom item today. Someone wants an personalized embroidered notepad, and I think they might purchase something else as well.

I have several new projects and ideas in the works right now, and can't wait to share them. Recently I have been getting lots of inspiration from these fabrics I bought, fabric covered button kits, and cream lace trims. Really I get inspiration from everywhere, and it's just so hard to be focused.

I am planning to open a vintage shop on etsy as soon as I can think of a good name I like that is not taken already, and when I can get enough items to list.

Anyway, I will be posting again tomorrow because there is just too much to catch up on to fit it all in today. I have a couple of new things that I got on etsy that I want to post about, and some new things I have made for myself. Also a few other things to post about, and will be doing a tutorial on making homemade bread soon. So, until tomorrow then...farewell.

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  1. great post! love the backyard...looks like spring has arrived there!


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