Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well, today is my birthday. Not really a big deal. Pretty much like any other day. I have to share the stuff Brian hid in the cabinet when he got home yesterday. He gave it to me last night lol. He couldn't even wait that long. He's so sweet though. He went to Bradley's Chocolates and bought me some chocolate turtles(I already ate one of them last night), and he also bought me 3 little note pads that I had gushed over last time we were there. I love them so much!

I love all the little quotes on the notepads! They are just so cute!

I still haven't opened the box from my mom that is tucked away in my closet. I want to draw it out a little. My sister sent me a box of goodies last week, but I will probably have to wait a little for that considering she is in Idaho right now.

I found this lovely little egg sitting on the deck railing today.

I called Brian and asked him if he put it there. Yes, he did. He found it in the backyard under the mulberry tree. It's really sad, but I know there was nothing we could do. No telling how long it had been there out of the nest, and no way to get it back in the nest, and besides the drop I'm sure was not very good for it. Anyway, I was going to keep the egg and maybe blow it out. It was so simple and beautiful, but when I was in the kitchen trying to decide where to put it to keep it safe, it slipped out of my fingers, and splat. I saved part of the shell, but was disappointed not to have a whole shell. Oh well, I still feel sad about the poor little birdie and its mother.

I have some lovely flowers in my backyard that started blooming today. I looked them up online, and I am pretty sure they are some kind of Japanese tree peony.

And here are a few other flowers in my yard at the moment.

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  1. love the chocolates, notepads annnd flowers. i can't think about the egg cause it makes me wanna cry :( love the peony!!!!! my fav. lilacs are my second fav...


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