Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Speed, I was built for speed...

...Well maybe not. I have been neglecting my blog because things have been so busy around here for me. There have been a great many things I have wanted to blog about and just not had the time. I guess I'll start with today.

Brian is just getting over a cold, and I have been feeling a cold coming on the past few days myself. At the moment it's not that bad. Other than the cold, I have had such a wonderful day. I got my chores done around the house before I got on the computer this morning, and then went into the fs chat rooms on Etsy. I spent a lot of time there. Was featured once, and did not sell anything, and then I bought a very lovely gift for my sister from a seller in the room(will not say what or from who. don't want to give it away). I was featured again, and sold 2 items, and someone else is interested in having me make them a custom order. So many exciting things happened today! A few days ago I did a trade with sarah bauder, and today I got my lovely brooch in the mail! I'm so happy with it. I'm not normally a pink person, but for some reason this brooch caught my fancy.

I also found out today that my purple treasury made the front page on Etsy. Was so pleased!

notmy favoritetreasury

After FS chat a friend and I started our own chat room, and someone who came in to that room wants me to make them a set of embroidered letter M cards in hot pink thread.

You can find the cards in my etsy shop.

Also my my items are featured in two gift guides at the moment on etsy. Was so excited about that!

And as if all this was not enough, on top of it all, I also sold the large scrap pack that I just listed last night! The person has not paid yet, but I'm sure they will. I need to make another similar one to list.

I also listed two button destashes today in my shop.

See what I mean? Lots of exciting stuff happened today!

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