Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Life

New life is just coming out everywhere!

Garden update. My green onion seeds that I planted are coming up, but still waiting on the others. I have received all the seeds and plants we ordered online, and will try to get the seeds started next week.

I planted the strawberries in their bed. It doesn't look like much now I know, but hopefully we will have beautiful ripe berries this summer.

We planted our raspberry plants and our blackberry plants in the backyard.

I have also planted flower seeds, ferns, and a hosta.

Now I have to wait. I hate waiting.

Brian and I are so lost when it comes to gardening, and we are probably getting at least half of the stuff wrong, but we're trying.

Last but not least I wanted to share with you an etsy item I love! bursting with new life, and so fresh! It has a perfect vintage flare about it that I love so much.

vintage moss terrarium with large glass cloche $84 from madebymavis

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