Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bare Wall...

Fill it with these wonderful art pieces under $50! These are a few of my favorite art pieces from various Etsy sellers. They are all amazing artists, so check out their shops.

In Preparation-wood mounted reproduction $ 44.00 from

the seamstress' daughter ... 8x10 fine art photograph $25.00 from

The Secret of Secrets - 8x10 Fine Art Print $25.00 from

Chinese Fan 8x10 print $ 20.00 from

On the bend 8x8 $30.00 from

circles 5x7 print $16.00 from

Christmas Wren on Branch $35.00 from

loveletters- original signed fine art photograph $35.00 from

Heels - 5x7 Print $7.00 from

Fall Ribbons -- 8x10 print $ 20.00 from


  1. thank you for including my heels print among these beautiful pieces!

    :D you're the best.

  2. such a beautiful collection!
    i'm honored to have my photo included.

  3. Oh my goodness! The fall ribbons are too perfect!!


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